You’re unique, and so is Ponsonby.

But what makes Ponsonby unique? Is it finding a convenient car park? Or perhaps it’s enjoying free range organic quinoa muesli with your yoga class?

Either way, Ponsonby is a cultural capital.

To celebrate all of Ponsonby’s “uniqueness”, we’ve teamed up with two of New Zealand’s respected fashion and street photographers Max Lemesh and Venus Tong to capture the area’s charm.

They’ve be around all week, not just on the streets, but in local businesses, taking photos of people and places that are so ‘Uniquely Ponsonby’.

Stalk their photos, if you want (we won’t tell):

Instagram: @UniquelyPonsonby

You might see someone you know! Or you’ll find your new Facebook profile picture – looking good, by the way.

And if you snap your own Ponsonby-ish photos, they won’t mind at all. But hashtag them with #UniquelyPonsonby and you could win a very unique prize pack.